Leather Chalice​/​Gidim split


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GIDIM tracks from the split with LEATHER CHALICE released by Broken Limbs Records on 100 pro-printed cassettes.

Visit brokenlimbsrecordings.com for more information and ordering.


released February 17, 2015




GIDIM Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Stunted Vulture
Stunted vulture with foolish pride
Your septic culture - reason belied
Looking for scraps, you circle wide
Slink and squeeze to get inside
Squawk and croak, then run and hide
With idiot brethren by your side
Your time is up, your tenure's end
Babble excuses. Try to defend
Back pedal quickly into a wall
We grin as you complete your fall
I would gleefully taste the bile
If the result was to purge this filth
Destroy all fascists without sympathy.
Track Name: Between the Hammer and the Anvil (Judas Priest)
Originally by Judas Priest
Track Name: Titan
Nameless flowers crushed under the weight of monolithic feet
No heed paid to useless prayers
Staid and hoping, complacent livestock
Your prosperity - a hollow, thinly veiled face
See the cage around you
Feel its frigid bars and know humiliation
Stay sedate and decorous or embrace the freedom
Of dying, starving wolves
If honor serves, strike at the titan
One will fall